Rising Sun First Baptist Church

Engel Burns, Ebony Magazine business profile subject in 2011, was featured as a marketing professional, entrepreneur, political director and community activist with a rich and diverse background. In addition to his present position as the Federal Account Director of Government Affairs at Sepracor, Inc., Engle D. Burns also tutors, mentors and directs a range of public service programs as the leader of the Youth Ministry at Maryland’s Rising Sun First Baptist Church.

With dual locations in Woodlawn and Catonsville, Rising Sun First Baptist Church offers a range of Sabbath services and Sunday school options. The Church also supports weekly bible study classes that are available both midday and evenings.

The origins of the organization stretch back to 1979, when Rising Sun First Baptist founder and acting pastor Dr. Emmett C. Burns, Jr. first moved to the Baltimore area to continue his tradition of civil rights work. After serving five years with the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP, Reverend Burns, decided to organize his own regional church. A small group began meeting in his home for weekly prayer meetings until March of 1984, when the first public Rising Sun First Baptist Church worship service was held at Campfield Elementary School in Baltimore County. Today, the Church serves members of all ages with a full range of religious services and community outreach programs.

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