Engel Burns on Mentoring Benefits

Engel D. Burns currently serves as Federal Account Director of Government Affairs for Sunovion Inc. Engel D. Burns also assists his father, a Maryland state representative for Baltimore County, with campaigns and legislative matters. In 2011, an Ebony magazine contributor interviewed him. In the past, he has mentored minority students at the University of Maryland.

Mentoring provides positive results in terms of students’ behavior and educational outcomes. With regard to behavior, students who partner with a mentor tend to avoid using drugs and alcohol and refrain from acting out in a violent fashion. Several studies have shown a significant contrast in drug use among students with and without mentors. The mentoring relationship enables pupils to develop coping skills, which help alleviate some of the appeal of such substances.

In terms of education, students who work with mentors tend to attend school more regularly and perform better academically. In addition, mentored students display positive attitudes through greater engagement in lectures and a stronger belief in education’s value.

Other benefits relate to socialization. Student with mentors view their relationships with their parents in a more favorable light and demonstrate greater likelihood of attending college. They also experience positive socio-emotional development.

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