Rising Sun First Baptist Church

Engel Burns, Ebony Magazine business profile subject in 2011, was featured as a marketing professional, entrepreneur, political director and community activist with a rich and diverse background. In addition to his present position as the Federal Account Director of Government Affairs at Sepracor, Inc., Engle D. Burns also tutors, mentors and directs a range of public service programs as the leader of the Youth Ministry at Maryland’s Rising Sun First Baptist Church.

With dual locations in Woodlawn and Catonsville, Rising Sun First Baptist Church offers a range of Sabbath services and Sunday school options. The Church also supports weekly bible study classes that are available both midday and evenings.

The origins of the organization stretch back to 1979, when Rising Sun First Baptist founder and acting pastor Dr. Emmett C. Burns, Jr. first moved to the Baltimore area to continue his tradition of civil rights work. After serving five years with the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP, Reverend Burns, decided to organize his own regional church. A small group began meeting in his home for weekly prayer meetings until March of 1984, when the first public Rising Sun First Baptist Church worship service was held at Campfield Elementary School in Baltimore County. Today, the Church serves members of all ages with a full range of religious services and community outreach programs.

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Engel Burns Profile in Ebony Magazine

The current Federal Account Director of Government Affairs for Sepracor, Inc., Engel Burns has a long history of political involvement and campaign management. A recent article in Ebony Magazine explores his experience as a prominent Washington, DC lobbyist for one of the leading companies in America’s lucrative pharmaceutical sector.

Reaching nearly 11 million readers each year, Ebony is the nation’s leading monthly source for news, commentary, and perspectives on the African American community. The magazine’s profile on Engel D. Burns can be found in its September 2011 issue as part of a comprehensive look at business and wealth creation entitled “Achieve.”

Appearing in Ebony’s Money Talk section, the article on Mr. Burns was written by Kevin Chappell and subtitled “King of the Hill.” The piece begins by providing a brief synopsis of Mr. Burns’ professional accomplishments and legislative interests with an emphasis on his unique ability to bridge the gap that exists between the world of business and the world of politics. At the end of the article, Mr. Burns is given the opportunity to speak for himself in a short but informative question and answer section.

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Engel Burns’ Magazine Feature Claims ‘Cool Job’

His name is Engel D. Burns; Ebony Magazine profiled the Washington lobbyist in its September 2011 issue, titling the question-and-answer interview “King of the Hill” under a subtle, two-word description: “Cool Job.”

Burns’ role representing the legislative interests of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in Washington, D.C., is the position that Ebony’s Kevin Chappell explored. Answering Chappell’s five succinct questions, Burns generously shared how his life’s various paths seemed to have converged, leading to his current position. Beginning with his double major degrees in Biology and Ancient History at the University of Maryland, closely followed by managing his father’s successful campaign for Maryland state delegate, and then by his years in health care and marketing, life seemed to direct Burns to his work on Capitol Hill. According to the article, Burns is fulfilled by playing a positive role in the challenging and far-reaching playing field, and he takes pride in his accomplishments.

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Engel Burns on Mentoring Benefits

Engel D. Burns currently serves as Federal Account Director of Government Affairs for Sunovion Inc. Engel D. Burns also assists his father, a Maryland state representative for Baltimore County, with campaigns and legislative matters. In 2011, an Ebony magazine contributor interviewed him. In the past, he has mentored minority students at the University of Maryland.

Mentoring provides positive results in terms of students’ behavior and educational outcomes. With regard to behavior, students who partner with a mentor tend to avoid using drugs and alcohol and refrain from acting out in a violent fashion. Several studies have shown a significant contrast in drug use among students with and without mentors. The mentoring relationship enables pupils to develop coping skills, which help alleviate some of the appeal of such substances.

In terms of education, students who work with mentors tend to attend school more regularly and perform better academically. In addition, mentored students display positive attitudes through greater engagement in lectures and a stronger belief in education’s value.

Other benefits relate to socialization. Student with mentors view their relationships with their parents in a more favorable light and demonstrate greater likelihood of attending college. They also experience positive socio-emotional development.

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